Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Delightful Thursday

The weather website I frequent usually uses objective language. Once in a while it goes out on a limb and describes a day as "pleasant." But its forecast for today was "delightful!"

Since a delightful day is most certainly not a thing to be wasted, Darla and I loaded up the kids and dogs, grabbed some sandwiches from the local sub shop, and headed to a "secret beach" along the shores of Hay Creek. (It's not too secret. If you promise to not publish the coordinates to the world, I will share!)

After picnicking on the sandy banks (and crunching through a few gritty bites of sandwich thanks to an exuberant sand-tossing three-year-old), we waded in the clear, cold water. Brielle was the bravest and barged in clear up to her waist. 

Grady fell asleep on the way home and barely stirred when I turned the car off. I gingerly set his car seat on the sunny back porch, and he napped for nearly two hours! This is unprecedented behavior from a baby who usually wakes up just from sensing the car stopping at a red light. 

A delightful day indeed! 


  1. Totally delightful!! We're VERY glad that you included us!!!

  2. We Loved Visiting That Beach!!!!!! Miss It!!