Saturday, February 4, 2012

When 'Dear Abby' Hits Close to Home

My Grandpa Elmer cut out this Dear Abby letter from the February 1st paper and couldn't wait to give it to me.  As someone who was engaged (and now married) to Mike, who has an identical twin brother Matt, I found it hilarious.  

Here's the funniest quotation from the article: "Mike and Matt are identical in appearance, but Matt is funnier, more outgoing and affectionate than my fiance."  I didn't write it, I promise!  

Here's a link to the article, as well as the complete text for when the link expires. I wonder what will happen to this basket case of a woman. 

Dear Abby: Woman in love with fiance's twin is now in double trouble

Dear Abby: I am 26 and have been dating "Mike for four years. We recently became engaged. I'm looking forward to being married and starting a family, but I'm in love with Mike's identical twin brother, "Matt."

Mike and Matt are identical in appearance, but Matt is funnier, more outgoing and affectionate than my fiance. I didn't know he existed until a year ago because they had a falling out at their high school graduation and didn't reconcile until recently. 

When I met Matt, I knew right away he was the one for me, but I continued dating Mike because I didn't want to ruin his re-established relationship with his brother.

Matt reciprocates my feelings. He has told me he's in love with me and wants to date me.

I know I shouldn't have accepted Mike's proposal, but I don't want to hurt him or start another fight between him and his twin.

I also don't want to be married to the wrong man for the rest of my life. The wedding date has been set.

- In Love With the Double

Dear In Love: You should have put the brakes on the relationship with Mike the minute you realized you were attracted to Matt. The engagement should be ended immediately. That you would not only continue to date Mike but also accept his proposal knowing you Were more attracted to his twin was cruel. 
If Matt starts seeing you after the breakup, it will probably cause a permanent rift between them. It will be interesting to see what happens when you become available because with some people, the "apple" that's just out of reach is the one that's most enticing.
You may end up married to neither brother.
Which one?

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