Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Snowfall

It's a snowflake!  It landed on my mitten!

You haven't seen the epitome of enthusiasm until you've seen two Arizona kids experiencing their first "snowstorm." (In reality, the snowstorm was a few flurries accumulating to half an inch, all of which melted two days later.)

Every five minutes my cousin's two awestruck children dragged us to the window to "look at how white the road is!"  When dishes were done, we all bundled up and went out to romp in the "snowdrifts."  The kids scraped the ground, attempting to gather enough snow to make snowballs. As snowball-throwing novices, they were unaware of distance etiquette and stood one foot away from their targets.  The scraped-together snowballs were about 20% snow and 80% driveway gravel.  Yowch!

After some egg-gathering, calf-petting, and a chilly wheelbarrow ride, we all gathered in the kitchen for hot chocolate and just-baked gooey chocolate cake.  After all, comfort food is the best part of a snowstorm--we wouldn't want to forget to teach them about that!  

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