Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grady, Month by Month

Mom lent me her vintage quilt for Grady's one-month picture. I liked it so much I ended up using it (along with Daddy's vintage trunk and some trusty denim overalls) for all of Grady's monthly shots. So one year later, here's your quilt back, Mom. Hope this collage makes up for its extended absence!

For those of you who are wondering, no, this is not one pair of overalls that suddenly became desperately short in Month 8. He wore a couple pair of long ones in the winter and changed to overall shorts in the spring. Although even the shorts became quite short by the last two months!

They really do grow like weeds...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grady at Twelve Months

Oops--I see I haven't updated this space since Grady's 11-month post. Our summer has sure been busy! (Just like the rest of yours, I'm sure.)

It's hard to believe our little guy turns a year today. He is the epitome of busy! We love his curiosity and zest for life. He gives us so many reasons to smile every day.

Size: About 19 pounds. 29-ish inches long.

Tooth count: 7

Personality: Grady is very social and driven to connect with people. And he is so expressive. As my dad said recently, "He has more expressions than you could shake a stick at!" 

He is also going through a somewhat sensitive stage. Unexpected loud noises or strangers' fast motions make him wail. I don't mind when he buries his face into my neck for comfort. It's one of the few times he slows down enough to snuggle lately.

Communication: He uses so many words now! It's hard to keep track of them all. He is very adept at communicating what he wants (or needs, as he would claim). The other day I was brushing my teeth, and Grady pointed at the toothbrush shelf. "Dat," he said, so I handed him a manual toothbrush. "Ni, ni, ni," he replied, shaking his head back and forth rapidly. Pointing at the electric toothbrush, he repeated "dat!" and then made a motor noise "brrrrrrr." Hahaha! I handed it over. How could I resist?

While reading his favorite truck book the other day, I paused a little too long before finishing a stanza: "and his big, important wheels got..." and he finished the sentence for me, "stuck!" He did it again the next day, so I know it wasn't a fluke. 

Eating: Peas are so last month. His new favorite: fish. Grandpa Larson will be pleased! 

Moving: Grady crawls like a madman, even over gravel. He stands alone for longer and longer times and can take three or four steps on his own before lunging into our arms. He also does a lot of cruising from object to object. Of course, he still loves to walk around the house while holding onto our hands. He can now use one hand for support instead of two.

New favorite activities: Climbing the entire flight of stairs as fast as he can. Hanging out with Kasha in her dog crate (his idea!). Unmulching the flower garden and ungraveling the driveway, piece by piece. Reading three of the same books over and over (about trucks, tractors, and jeeps). Crawling over Kasha like she's a mountain to be conquered. Touching Mommy's nose when I ask, "Where's your nose?" Turning his sound machine off and on. Standing on the tiny ledge halfway up the side of the tub (nearly gave me a heart attack!). Climbing up slides. Cruising around the house with his walker. Attempting to plunge face-first down stairs of any length (another heart attack area for Mommy).

Least favorite activities: Diaper changes (shakes his head and says, "ni, ni, ni!"). Getting his face washed. Running into walls and furniture with his walker and getting stuck. 

Sleeping: If there's one thing I've learned during my year of being a parent, it's that some kids just aren't nappers. If he naps longer than half an hour, I consider it great. And then I talk to moms of babies the same age who are taking 3 1/2 hour naps. I've come to the conclusion that Grady simply has Boyd in him! (I don't think I've napped once since the age of two, and I don't recall my dad ever taking a nap.)

Nights are still good. Woohoo! I hear there's an eighteen-month sleep regression that many kids have, but by then we'll be up half the night with the new baby anyway. Grady might as well join the party!

So this concludes the monthly updates of Grady's first year. I'm tempted to continue, but I think it will be all I can do to keep up with monthly updates for Baby Girl. I'm just pleased I kept up with Grady's this long! 

I'm already enjoying looking back on the earlier updates and reminiscing. It's funny how many everyday details seem normal and unending when we're living them, but time has a way of gradually moving forward and making us forget what we thought would never end.

Happy first birthday to our sweet little boy! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grady at Eleven Months

This post is a little late because we have spent the past five days at a cabin with Mike's family. Grady had several firsts this week: boat ride, fishing, big swimming pool, and sandbox. He loved it all!

Our house is sure busy with an eleven-month-old around! Grady crawls all over like a speedster, splashes in Kasha's water bowl, eats dog food, pulls himself up on everything (stable or not), empties the dishwasher, climbs stairs and attempts to plunge down them, escapes out the front door in a split second, tries to dive off beds and chairs, and is becoming more and more challenging to keep up with.

Personality: Grady loves little "jokes." He holds my credit card out to cashiers and then refuses to let go. He offers bites of his food to us and giggles when we pretend to eat them. He also grabs glasses off people's faces and then laughs hysterically.

A few days ago I heard gales of laughter coming from the kitchen and peeked around the corner to see what was going on. As Grady chucked little bits of rib off his high chair tray, Kasha caught them mid-air and gobbled them down! 

Communication: Grady went from one to ten words in just a couple weeks! It was so fun to witness a literal explosion of language. He now says Da-dad, Mama (sometimes Mom), hot, light, clock, block, kick, hat, egg, and uck (yuck). Grady's favorite word is definitely "hot." He repeats it constantly. 

For a while, Grady went through a phase of saying "Ike" (for Mike). We didn't react to this word (because we'd rather he called Mike some form of Daddy), and he stopped saying it. We were laughing hysterically on the inside, though!

Grady learned how to respond with a motor noise when you ask him, "What does a truck say?" He also says "boooo, booo," in a low voice if you ask him what a cow says. 

Many times a day, he points his entire arm at something and asks "di?" wanting us to tell him what it's called. He always makes name inquiries after waking up, as he points to objects around the room. He also does this on walks. If he wants to touch something, he asks, "hot?" He deduced that the word hot has something to do with touching due to all the times he tried to touch hot kettles on the stove and we replied,"hot!" Hilarious! 

Eating: He's still our little chow hound. He'd subsist solely on fruit if we let him. (Must have been all that watermelon I ate during pregnancy!)

Moving: Like I mentioned above, he is a little Evil Knievel. He's crawling faster and faster these days, stomping his knees as he goes. But his all-time favorite activity is walking while holding onto an adult's hands. He cruises around the house and loudly voices his displeasure if we try to sit him down. He likes to follow a ball around, raising his leg to kick it as he gets close. He says "kick, kick," as he plays his own little version of soccer. 

New favorite activities: Digging in the sandbox with a shovel. (One bite of sand was all it took, and he never put that disgusting grit in his mouth again!) Driving his toy truck around the house while making a motor noise. Chasing the rabbit. Brushing his own teeth. (He likes to do anything he sees Mommy and Daddy doing.) Escaping from the potty and streaking through the house. (Just to clarify, this is his own idea--he does not see Mommy or Daddy pulling such stunts!)

Grady often flips through books by himself. One of his current favorites is a library book about babies. He claps when he sees the patty cake page and puts his hands in the air when he sees the "so big" page. 

Least favorite activities: Diaper changes are no fun! He also dislikes watching Mommy put food back into the fridge. (Why can't we eat more?!)

Sleeping: Nights have been great! (Knock on wood.) Naps are short but frequent. He usually takes three small ones over the course of the day. I'd like to put my order in for one big one instead!

Our little baby is seeming more and more like a little boy. We can't believe he turns one in less than a month! (Sniffle.) I need to start polishing up my cake-decorating skills; his party will soon be here!

P.S. Sorry about the excessive detail. I know all this is way more than anyone wants to know, but it's more for Mommy and Daddy's future reminiscing than anything. :-)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Buzz, Buzz ~ Grady Gets His First Haircut

We put it off as long as possible, but tonight was the night for Grady's first haircut. He looks so much older without his baby shagginess! I probably would have shed some tears had I not been so focused on not messing up.

We distracted Grady with raisins and keys, and besides constantly swiveling his head, he tolerated the haircut without any protests. It helps that he's used to watching me give his daddy haircuts; the clippers didn't seem scary. 

How old was your baby when he got his first haircut? Did you put it off as long as possible? My goal was one year, but we didn't quite make it!

Friday, June 7, 2013


We had our ultrasound on May 29. So much fun! There's no feeling in the world like seeing your baby for the first time--its tiny thumb reaching for its mouth and its feet kicking wildly at nothing.

We found out three pieces of crucial information: 

1. There's only one in there! Twins run rampant in both of our families, so our minds harbored overwhelming thoughts about the potential of multiples during both pregnancies' early stages.

I actually asked the ultrasound technician, "Is there any chance you're just not seeing the second baby? Could it be hidden behind this one?" 

"Not a chance," she replied. Whew! 

2. I'm further along than I thought. I thought I was around 16 weeks, and I was actually 18. Those were the fastest two weeks of pregnancy ever! (The ultrasound was a week ago, so now I'm more like 19.)

3. Since we were far enough along, the technician was easily able to determine gender. And, it's a...GIRL!! We are so excited! 

The logical side of my brain anticipated a boy since the baby's heart rate was the exact same as Grady's (145-150), but whenever I thought of the baby's arrival, I kept picturing a girl. Guess there's something to be said for a mother's intuition!

I'm still feeling great. No pregnancy symptoms except for my ever-expanding waistline! 

Darla, Rhya, and Brielle came to take care of Grady during the ultrasound. Darla sent this picture of the kids devouring watermelon on the front porch. This has got to be my favorite cousin picture yet! Although I can't wait until there's one more little girl sitting next to them on the step...

In the meantime, we'll just keep examining and re-examining her pictures. Look at her profile--doesn't it look like she has Grady's little button nose? 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Delightful Thursday

The weather website I frequent usually uses objective language. Once in a while it goes out on a limb and describes a day as "pleasant." But its forecast for today was "delightful!"

Since a delightful day is most certainly not a thing to be wasted, Darla and I loaded up the kids and dogs, grabbed some sandwiches from the local sub shop, and headed to a "secret beach" along the shores of Hay Creek. (It's not too secret. If you promise to not publish the coordinates to the world, I will share!)

After picnicking on the sandy banks (and crunching through a few gritty bites of sandwich thanks to an exuberant sand-tossing three-year-old), we waded in the clear, cold water. Brielle was the bravest and barged in clear up to her waist. 

Grady fell asleep on the way home and barely stirred when I turned the car off. I gingerly set his car seat on the sunny back porch, and he napped for nearly two hours! This is unprecedented behavior from a baby who usually wakes up just from sensing the car stopping at a red light. 

A delightful day indeed! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grady at Ten Months

Month 9-10 brought a lot of busyness to this house! Grady loves to dump blocks, dump books, pull all the wipes out of the container, unravel paper towels and toilet paper, empty the rag bucket, and remove all the contents of the medicine cabinet. This mama has a full-time job just cleaning up after him! 

Personality: Still a little socialite who likes to connect with people. He claps his hands or taps two blocks together and then looks at us with a smile, waiting for our response. He waves at strangers while we walk down the street. (I'm meeting more people with a baby than I did with a dog!) And he loves interacting with other babies.

Stranger anxiety still comes and goes, especially if he's tired.

Communication: This month brought his first word: egg! Also tons of babbling that's sounding more and more like words.

Eating: He consumes UNBELIEVABLE amounts of food. Most people who see him eat are in awe of how much food he can down. Our grocery bill has noticeably increased! 

Moving: He learned to pull himself up from a sitting to standing position this month and will stand by his play table and entertain himself for quite a while. He also loves to walk while holding onto our hands. 

New favorite activities: Playing in the yard while Mommy hangs laundry. Standing while holding on to the chicken fence, and watching the hens do their thing. (No wonder his first word was egg!) Unloading the dishwasher. Putting rocks in his mouth. Digging in the dirt. Playing with his plastic eggs.  Dumping things. Paging through books.

Least favorite activities: He's starting to hate lying down for diaper changes. Too much time wasted when he could be playing! He squirms and rolls all over, and it's all I can do to get his clothes on.

Sleeping: Going well, now that he's in a teething lull. But I know it's just a matter of time before the teething monster rears its ugly head again...

Other updates: We're still holding out on the haircut! His hair is even longer, and I absolutely love it. Cousin Rhya put some sunscreen on his head, and since it was hard to wash out, he had some punky spikes going on for a few days. :-)